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Welcome to Skyloading

Skyloading provides a complete aircraft management solution to your company.
Created in June 2021, our vision is clear, helping companies to reduce their operating costs without compromising safety, communication and transparency.

Safety and Security are our priorities.

Skyloading footprint:

– Places where we set foot.
– New bases and protocols.

Aircraft experience
We have a vast experience 
in several aircraft types:
-Airbus pax family: A319/ 320/ 321/ 330 / 340/ 380
-BAe Jetstream 32
-Dornier 228
– Airbus cargo: A321PCF, A330-200 / 330F
– Boeing B737:400 / 800F, 757-200F, 767-300F, B747-400F, B747-8F, 777-200F

About Us

We have a group of qualified and experienced aviation professionals, with a vast operational knowledge, in order to provide you the best solution to your everyday cargo needs.

Ready to assist you anywhere and anytime.

Travel Department

. Our Travel partner is the largest and most experienced Aviation Industry Travel Agency, over 30 years in this space.

. Trusted by the largest 135, Fractional, Cargo, FBO and Flight Training operators in the world.

. Significant savings on American Airlines tickets and 30+ more airlines, discounts exclusively for 135/Fractional carriers and not available anywhere else.
     – Include both refundable and non-refundable fares, full points, positive spaces, business and coach, domestic and international.
     – Clients see at least 15% savings immediately after switching to us.

. FBO and Training focused Hotel program with 300+ airport properties and 50,000 other properties.
     – Hotel rate discounts at major chains and smaller properties.
     – Full points
     – Variety of unique rates for included breakfast, shuttles, and same day cancel.

. Automatic tracking and management for unused tickets/no-shows.

. Full reporting capability to manage travel purchasing, assess savings, track crew movement and more.

. Online booking tool and mobile app, fully staffed 24/7 call centre for support and emergencies.

. 24H voiding period.

Operational Coordination Center

Skyloading in Numbers






Airports visited


Base of operations
Flight Dispatch 24/7

– Flight plan with live/historical winds (CFP).
– Route study for commercial purposes.
– Route costs optimization taking into account fuel tankering and overflights.
– ETOPS flight plan.
– ATC Flight plan coordination.
– CFMU slot coordination.
– Terrain avoidance.
– Airports, weather, and NOTAM analysis.
– Flight Watch.

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